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J&B Insurance Specialists

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Common Sense Insurance Strategies

At J & B Insurance Specialists, our clients are the heart and soul. We are not obligated or loyal to any company. Our loyalties are to our clients. We work with over 200 companies because each client has their own unique needs. Clients communicate to us what is important to them. Looking at their goals then we implement a strategy.

Life Insurance

There are different types of Life Insurance. The kind of Life insurance you should get should be determined by your goal. If you have no desire to have supplement retirement tax free income then that strategy is not for you. There are better options. If you only want coverage for certain period of time then term policy is the best option. 

Medicare Options

Fantastic! You qualify for Medicare, now what? You can search on the internet, ask friends and family or anybody that might have an idea because they are in the Medicare system themselves. What if they picked a plan that best suites their needs so it's prefect for them but does that mean it will be perfect for you? Maybe but maybe not. Get a Free no obligation information so you can make better informed decision that is best for you. There is never a charge to assisting you through the process.

Health Insurance

Look, Health Insurance is not cheap and if anybody tells you something different, well, liar liar pants on fire. Having health insurance is a lot cheaper than not having it if something were to happen. A hospital visit a lone can bankrupt you and your family. We can help you weed through the difficulties of health insurance and give you the best options. Determine if you and your qualify help through the Exchange. There is never any kind charge to get help so don't do it alone.  

Long Term Care

Long Term Care is not if you need it rather it when you need it. Statistically 70% of the people that are over 65 years old will need some kind care. Long Term Care is not covered by any of the health insurance.

Retirement Income

Retirement should be so complicated and worrisome. The biggest thing about retirement should be having to decide which beach or what fun activity you do next. That can be a reality if you have a proper plan that protects your nest egg no matter what happens economically, environmental or anything else that is unforeseen. We can help make that happen. Ask about getting a FREE evaluation.

Dental Plans

Did you know having poor dental practices is one of the number cause of unhealthy heart conditions? There are many options out there from traditional dental insurance to a discount programs. It all depends on what you need. Some plans have waiting periods but there are plans that have no waiting periods. Contact us and we can go over the different options.

What our customers are saying

Bonnie is well informed and has been responsive and persistent in her efforts to help me with my health insurance needs. Navigating the Maryland Health Connection was prohibitively challenging for me and she helped me get the coverage I need easily and quickly. Highly recommended.

What our customers are saying

Bonnie was fantastic! From start to finish she was quick to reply, super friendly and made the whole experience a breeze! Highly recommend!


What our customers are saying

Bonnie is an amazing agent. She is really thorough and will help a person get the right plan. I have referred her to many people.