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My name is Bonnie Newland and I am J&B Insurance Specialists but I'm not alone. What I mean by that is I have a team of professionals at my beckon call to service my clients if needed. I started out in this business back in 2012 helping Seniors with Medicare options and their retirement strategies. I loved working with my clients but the company I was with was very limited to what I can provide. Knowing every clients needs are different, I could not provide that kind of tailored services that they needed. This made me decide to go independent and find the best Insurance companies that can cater to my clients. Currently I work with about 200 companies that can cater to any  of my clients no matter what their circumstances are. If J&B Insurance Specialists can't find a company to insure you, well, more than likely you can't be insured. Some might say it's pretty ironic that I hate selling because I'm an Insurance agent but I do because I don't like people selling to me. I give you information, pro's and con's as well as my professional opinion so you can make an informed decision. It doesn't cost anything other than your time to start a conversation. If you are one of those people that prefer finding out more information on your own then check out the links below and if you would like us to discuss after that, you can do that also.

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